Expedition 2059

Expedition 2059

Luna Hill Forest Garden is just a tiny element in the building blocks of a sustainable, survivable, adapted and resilient Pensacola 2059 and beyond.

LunaHill, VectorLinc and BiosphereInfinity are seeking other journey and adventure collaborators to learn — not just observe — the lessons of Expedition 1559 toward landing a successful Expedition 2059.

Lesson’s Learned? Or Just Observed?

Tristan de Luna @ Luna Hill 1559

While preparing 1500 stakeholders, shareholders and staff to march across the New World Southeast to the Atlantic coast — seeking to secure the Southeast from the French — it is conceivable that Tristan de Luna could have surveyed his new-world business enterprise from Luna Hill Pensacola.
Quoting Tristan to the Viceroy of Spain “… the settlement is located on a high point sloping down to the port where the ships come in”  Mr. Luna y Arellano could see a new world of real estate, natural resources, tourism and more that would bring him opportunities, riches and fame.  What he could not see was The Brewing Storm climate disaster coming his way that would turn all of the Ochuse business, leisure and growth opportunities into personal law suits, scorn and catastrophe for his children and their grandchildren.
Ignorance, arrogance and delusion, again writing to the Viceroy of Spain, “… the settlement and port are protected from winds and storms and will be safe and secure….”  six weeks later his food security, social standing, business opportunities and Southeastern expansion plans were sitting at the bottom of Pensacola Bay with 11 of 13 ships:  A direct hit!

What have we learned in almost 500 years?

That was Ochuse-1559.  The question for Pensacola-2059: Will the bands of The Brewing Storm 2059 again put Pensacola’s opportunities for comfort, mobility, health, security and prosperity under water, mired in legal, social and human existential tatters?

If Tristan de Luna could have seen The Brewing Storm threat coming, wouldn’t he have taken pro-active existential SSAR actions? The Brewing Storm is out there again; aimed at Pensacola; Bigger, badder and everyone on Life-support System Earth is in the vector track of the eye. The bands of the storm are already are lapping at our common life-resources, habitat and climate shores. How, where and when will Pensacola and the greater human global population prepare?