Ochuse Culinary Cookoff 2023

Seeking out global varieties of food plants that are not only adaptable to our climate zone but also adoptable by our dinner plates

Wednesday October 18, 2023 5-8 PM. Rain Date: Thursday October 19, 2023

Luna Hill Forest Garden and VectorLinc invite collaboration to produce an event that has many sustainability and transition engineering story lines that range from cause, effect and the STEPs we can take to help transition a not-sustainable living standard to a sustainable one.

Recipe Challenge Categories
(5 Challengers / Category)

Just getting started with the project planning: Contact Duane Tant to help collaborate or participate. Lots of opportunity for stewardship organizations and individuals to integrate missions, objectives and goals.

  • Translation recipe: Nanna’s Family Collard Greens re-imagined;
  • Traditional recipe: Culture-of-Origin
  • Transition recipe: Vegan / Vegetarian
  • Transformation recipe: Newly Crafted Pensacola Fusion
image presents a collage of the Chaya hors d'oeurves popup at Luna Hill October 20, 2021.
Chaya hors d’oeurves popup at Luna Hill October 20, 2021

Transition Engineering a not-sustainable/not-responsible living standard towards a sustainable living standard for which the range of our human lifestyles can ride upon is not a trivial task. The Ochuse Culinary Cookoff (Transition Engineering event) ; however does meet the Creative Economy Mantra: Have Fun, Create Solutions, Make Profits (multi-bottom-line).

Feature Ingredient: Chaya Greens

image presents the chaya plant or spinach tree. The blooms, a mature plant and harvesting of the leaves for food.
Harvesting the Chaya Greens is easy from the North Florida sub-tropical landscape.

The Chaya Greens or Spinach Tree ingredient is selected for the Ochuse Culinary Cookoff 2023. This ingredient is ideal for informing and making aware the need for and some simple STEPs in transition toward sustainable, survivable, adaptable and resilient food security.

  • Attractive “Tropical Floridy” looking landscaping plant.
  • Easily grown, propagated and shared with friends
  • Offers a variety of easily accessible recipes for different cooks and chefs.