Lanbsquarters Leaf, Magenta Spreen

Magenta Spreen Lambsquarters

This plant grows easy in the Pensacola climate zone. In my forest garden they pop up here and there. It has not indicated to be overly aggressive . They do not spread wide or wild in my garden. I will always leave one or two self-sowing seedlings to grow for the season for the following reasons: They are fun to watch grow; the mature annual shrub can be used for a summer or fall trellis; and, the trunk is striped with pink and is very unique looking.


This leafy green (pink) is very high in oxalates. Some sources recommend that small amounts eaten without cooking are safe where other sources recommend that it not be eaten without proper cooking to convert oxalic acid as well as saponins within the leaves.

Please responsibly research any new food to your garden and kitchen. Many global foods are safe to eat and quite delicious once prepared correctly. Looking to the recipes associated with the culture of origin go a long way to having a safe and delicious experience with new landscaping foods.


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Author: Duane Tant