Moringa (Moringa oleifera)

Moringa oleifera blossom

Growing Needs

This plant will tolerate dry poor soil. It will grow anywhere in my garden. It is listed in some places as “invasive” but I take exception to that. I have not had any running or seed-drop germination happen anywhere on the property since planting this in 2010.


I categorize this as deciduous in our climate zone because it can freeze down and sprout back in the spring. During mild winters it may not even lose any leaves. If it freezes, cut it back to living trunk (you’ll know what is not living) rather than leave the trunk. You may have to cut it down to the ground. It seems to re-grow better if it is cut back.


I categorize this as a shrub or small tree and use as a “Modified Canopy”. I have tried as a landscaping exercise to see how tall I could get it in our climate zone (25 feet). However, either is eventually freezes down or is broken off or knocked over by a tropical storm or hurricane.

Edible Parts

Moringa oleifera blossom
Edible Moringa Blossom

Author: Duane Tant