The Brewing Storm

The Brewing Storm referenced herein is a metaphor, an existential threat and a reality.

For those of us in hurricane territory we know the reality and can grasp the metaphor. For those that have not experienced a hurricane first hand, as you read on, I am confident that the metaphor becomes clear.

A Real Hurricane

As a hurricane comes closer, bands of wind, rain and tornadoes peak and calm in a kind of rhythm. If the storm vector (direction with movement) is targeting your physical location, the bands become more frequent and intense until the destructive forces are sustained and do not give intermittent relief from the threat: now you are being targeted by the eye of the storm — and the most destructive forces threatening your home, family, community, livelihood and life. This was the kind of storm that decimated Ochuse (1559 Pensacola) and the Luna Expedition 1559.

If you are not on the direct storm vector you would receive a degree of the storm bands depending on your proximity to the eye — and some other factors.

As the storm moves on, the threat lessens and the rhythmic nature of the bands return as they lessen and lessen until it is again safe to emerge from your safe location. Sometimes experiencing the anxiety, fear and tragedy for many hours.

The Brewing Storm

Today, we individually, our families, our communities, our countries and the global civilization of human existence is threatened — as we are already feeling the bands of The Brewing Storm lapping at our shores and experiencing early damage.

What is different about The Brewing Storm and a real hurricane?

What is different is that nobody on Life-support System LSS Earth will escape the damage to our lives, livelihoods and inter-generational wealth assets — we are all in the vector of the most destructive eye, no one will escape the tragedy of this storm. It is an individual, community, national and global responsibility to prepare for and to mitigate the intensity of The Brewing Storm.

And, because, it is the backlinc factors (causes) of this certain and building tragedy are the not-responsible human living standards and lifestyles we individually and collectively craft from a globalized selection of technologies, products and services (TP&S) we demand from the transaction economies to achieve comfort, mobility, health security and prosperity — The enemy is us!