Godfrey’s Goldenaster (Chrysopsis godfreyi)

godfyry's golden aster

Chrysopsis, godfreyi

At the time of this writing, JULY2022, I have been working with the Godfrey’s Goldenaster for about three years. It has been a joy to get to know.

Growing Conditions

  • Form: Woody Herbaceous, Fall Flowering Yellow Aster
  • Light: Full Sun
  • Moisture: Average to Very Dry. Can tolerate extremely dry conditions for short periods.
  • Soil: Sand, however responds well to residential mulched bed.
  • Phenology: Biannual
  • Attracts: Under Observation – TBD

Lessons Learned

  • Observations lead me to believe it is a biannual: If it does not bloom the first year, I have had it overwinter and bloom the next year.
  • Once it blooms, it dies leaving a very nice skeleton that will last all winter.
  • Even though this is a coastal dune plant, it does very well in a sunny, mulched, residential bed. It has grown bigger in these beds than observed by native plant professionals in its natural dunescape.
  • It does not like to be in a plant pot for very long. Get it in the ground as soon as you can after purchasing.

Author: Duane Tant