Luna Hill Forest Garden R&D

map of luna hill forest garden on the 1559 ochuse peninsula

LHFG Business Model:

Luna Hill Forest Garden is a nascent business seeking to find it’s feet. As a STEP micro-localized business model (MLBM) it is currently in a research and development (R&D) phase. LHFG is accepting economic nourishment to grow this seed.

Technology, Product, Service and Design (TPS&D):

LHFG is a Permaculture Design. It could also be defined as an Earth-systems technology whose intentions are to optimize ecosystem services as it produces life-sustaining products for a myriad of community neighbors — one of which being the good humans that interoperate with it.

TPS&D in R&D

  • Ochuse watershed protection services
  • Native Plant Nursery
  • Food Forest Plant Nursery
  • Insect Agriculture
  • Garden Design Consulting
  • Gardener-rate Hands-on, Supervision or Project Management

Author: Duane Tant