The Brewing Storm 2059

This article seeks to draw a parallel between the 1559 Brewing Storm that forced Pensacola into collapse and failure and the 2059 Brewing Storm now taking aim at Pensacola — and the rest of human civilization on LSS Earth.

The Difference between 1559 and 2059?

The difference is that Tristan de Luna did not have the science, technology, engineering and experiential knowledge to see that Ochuse (1559 Pensacola) was about to be crippled into failure by climate disruption, disaster and crisis.

Today we can see that Pensacola will take a direct hit again if not prepared. Will it be prepared by 2059? We have all the knowledge today to inform our ignorances into intelligence that the bands of the brewing storm are already lapping at our shores and that the whole of human civilization on LSS Earth will feel the eye of the storm if we do not take immediate action to protect and defend our families, businesses, homes, food security and every resource our children’s grandchildren need to survive it.

Bands of The Brewing Storm

  • Human living standard and lifestyle consequences:
    • turbo-charged climate disruption
    • toxic food air and water
    • globalized/systemic degradation of Earth life-support services
    • More….

What to do?

Where do we find a Market Technosphere like that?

Coming Soon: DeepGreen.NET,


Author: Duane Tant